Warriors Of Winter Shoulder Bag

Warriors Of Winter Shoulder Bag

Nemesis Now


This enchanting shoulder bag comes from the wild and untamed imagination of internationally recognised artist Lisa Parker.

Two white wolves stand in a frozen landscape in front of a pool. One stands alert and vigilant, the other steps into the pool to drink from it but still looks straight ahead. Behind them, a full moon illuminates a frozen landscape.

As well as the main pocket, this lightweight shoulder bag features a smaller front pocket for greater flexibility of storage, and is held securely with a fabric strap.

With Lisa Parker’s gift for bringing wilderness and wild animals to life through art, this bag is perfect for those who feel the call of the wild on the go.

Practical as well as visually stunning, the bag has a second smaller pocket at the front to allow for extra storage flexibility

⛥ From the magical artwork of Lisa Parker
⛥ Size 23cm
⛥ Material: PU and Canvas