Underworld Goblet

NEMESIS NOW - Underworld Goblet - The Alternative Shark (4531592953934)

Nemesis Now


This black Goblet is overshadowed by the natural coloured jaw-less skull that holds the transparent beverage vessel in place. On the stem of the goblet are multiple smaller skulls that are surrounded by ornate detailing with bronze embezzlement dotted throughout.

This skull goblet would add a ghastly addition to any macabre of Gothic drinks-ware collection. 

Cast in the finest resin before being carefully hand-painted, this product is for ornamental use only.

  • Upside Down Skull Goblet.
  • Brings a new meaning to 'Drink from the skulls of your enemies'.
  • Features a glass cup on top of the resin stem.
  • Size: 17cm
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Cast in high-quality resin.